SX3200, PGP cryptography from ABAP

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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is another type of public key cryptography based on PGP algorithms. When PGP is used to encrypt plaintext, the plaintext is compressed. Compressing the data saves disk space, transmission times and, most importantly, strengthens cryptographic security since most cryptanalysis techniques look for patterns present in the plaintext to break the cipher. Compression reduces those patterns in the plaintext, greatly increasing the resistance to cryptanalysis.

The latest SX3200 upgrade enables PGP-type public and private key operations to be performed directly using SAP's BC-SEC SSF interface.

PGP encryption/decryption is currently used in message exchanges between entities for greater message protection.


Its use from ABAP avoids the use of platforms such as PI/PO.

In the following video you can see the demonstration.


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" GDG Labs " SX3200, PGP cryptography from ABAP
On April 30, 2017
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