• Corporate data privacy


  • Protection of corporate messages


  • Corporate processes with legal value


  • Cryptography as a corporate service



What can we do for your organization?
We help our clients protect and secure business processes and confidential data throughout their lifecycle. We guarantee the evidentiary, legal and operational value of your electronic processes.

  • Centralized Certificate Management

    Control and security of your digital certificates to avoid fraudulent use and information theft.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Reduces logins for all user applications to a single login for greater security and user convenience.

  • Electronic security mechanism for ERP

    Provides the ability to protect business processes with native integrations to business planning systems. Processing more than 7000 electronic signatures per second, proving to be the fastest and most agile platform in the market.

  • Create your security cloud

    It provides a way to protect the privacy of operations on enterprise platforms, based on an on-demand security scheme, is to create your own security cloud within your organization.

  • Long-term storage in ERP systems

    Provides the ability for your corporate platforms to create protection and non-manipulation strategies on historical data managed in enterprise systems.

  • Secure electronic messaging

    To provide a mechanism to communicate securely among stakeholders, giving value to stakeholders through the implementation of on-demand security methods. Protecting in this way the corporate processes managed from enterprise platforms through standard protocols.


It is time

Professional Services

GDG Crypt is focused on offering its services of customized solutions for enterprise environments, courses, trainings and custom developments provided by professional technologists with more than 10 years of experience in the cryptography sector and with more than twenty publications in international journals and conferences. The professional services activities are focused on the development and deployment of the following activities:

  • Design and produce cryptosystems with the highest quality standards, certified by the most relevant international entities in cryptography.
  • We are experts in the area of cryptographic middleware integration, thus fulfilling the entire development cycle of a security solution based on cryptographic processes.
  • We provide an effective value creation, based on an adequate proposition of technology transfer and knowledge sharing as an indivisible link between a supplier and a customer.
  • Design and integration of proprietary security schemes supported on hardware devices hardware(smartcard, hardware security module, USB tokens) and RSA PKCS#11 or Cryptographic Service Provider(CAPI).
  • Tailor-made courses in the area of cryptography and data privacy oriented to enterprise platforms, specialized in SAP security topics.


About Us

is a global product-oriented company, specialized in providing security mechanisms, software & hardware in nature, protecting the execution of business processes within the entire lifecycle of business processes.

GDG Crypt's data security and privacy products are oriented to the appliance philosophy, that is, the product has its own mission-critical application server, which has a high performance cryptographic storage device(HSM), with recent certifications and oriented to achieve full compatibility for both enterprise platforms and custom solutions or open source based platforms.


Perception of our work team

Our team, composed entirely of professionals in the area of information security and research and development, is aware of the challenge of entering a market which has a strong component of certified security. For this reason, as part of its go-to-market strategy, it defines its product line, focusing on the corporate data protection market, orienting these services to on-demand architectures on specialized cryptographic hardware.

GDG CRYPT S.L. is a special associate of AUSAPE (SAP Users Association Spain).

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