GDG 4Data protects any business process in your organization, ensuring the integrity of critical information within your business applications.
With GDG 4Data you can configure security profiles within your business applications providing mechanisms to protect documents and information of all interested parties.
GDG 4 DATA can be installed locally and hosted in the cloud. GDG offers several security mechanisms, protecting sensitive information fully compatible with any type of device and certified by SAP.

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Financial Data

- GDG 4DATA secures the payment process by implementing a variety of security features that encrypt and sign critical information.

Human Resources Data

- GDG 4DATA protects and guarantees the privacy of the information generated by your business applications. All relevant documents such as payroll documents, insurance clauses, medical and commercial data will be protected in accordance with European requirements and regulations.


- GDG 4Data offers integrated security policy enforcement including time stamping within documents, which is one of the first steps to ensure the viability of documents in your business applications.