It is a certified security solution, supported by cryptographic storage devices (HSM) and enterprise mission-critical servers.
GDG 4DATA is a cryptographic product. It enhances security management in business processes without additional developments, focusing on SAP parametrization.
Perform digital signatures and data protection in different formats natively from ABAP.
Easy deployment, no added modules needed (like PI).


• Increased security and integrity of corporate processes, ensuring that signed electronic document can not be altered.

• Confidentiality is guaranteed, message content will be known only by those authorized to do so.

• Elimination of paper, and cost reduction in file management procedures.

• Decreased time in the execution of processes. High performance.

• Centralized or local signature. Local signature with any MSCAPI supported provider (USB token, Smartcard)

• PDF LTV ready. Include timestamp to your PDF documents

• XML signature formats: XAdES, XMLSig, eFactura