Certified security by specialized providers in corporate management

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Many of the electronic signature services provided by the increasing needs of the market, are approached from a generalist perspective to provide a simple electronic signature without taking into consideration the environment in which they will be deployed; without any intention of worsening the different profiles of security assessment by its ample importance,
independent of their modality types (centralized, semi-centralized, almost centralized or pseudo-centralized, even forced deployment in the client workstation) and their levels of protection (CC, FIPS 140 among others).

From the point of view of a technology-based company, as is GDG Crypt SL oriented to cover security requirements for enterprise planning systems, having achieved a perfect fusion between the security elements with elements of business. We provide an opportunity for companies not only to choose a tool by technical security criteria but business criteria that, finally, are what determine the real return on security investment in large corporations.

Begin to left behind times of the great security certifications as the only distinguishing element without taking into consideration the environments truths which must deploy these solutions. How often security schemes are unviable to business rules … many software are modified in order to reduce security gaps so they can be integrated and how certified devices are operated in a mode without certification to meet a real usability scheme.

From our perspective as a security company and a technology-based cryptographic security devices with firmware versions certified while providing an external security product certified by SAP for enterprise environments, we formed this new distinguishing factor at the product level, which pursues a single purpose: to strengthen security processes within organizations.

Our commitment is to continue working towards the protection of these critical business processes, evolving into optimal levels of reliability and ample safeguards implementation. From here we invite you to meet and know more about us!

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On 7 August, 2014
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